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Chinese Plant Medicine: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Results

Chinese herbal medicine is one of the world’s oldest plant medicines still practiced widely today, with the oldest known herbal text dating back approximately 2,200 years. Commonly known as the Divine Farmer’s Materia Medica (Shénnóng Běn Cǎo Jīng 神农本草经), this text is a collection of herbal knowledge passed down via oral tradition over hundreds, if not thousands, of years prior to being formally written down.

Today, an estimated 40% of Americans benefit from treatment with Chinese herbal medicine each year. Many Chinese herbal formulas written thousands of years ago are still widely used to treat common ailments such as indigestion, common cold and headache, as well as more complex issues including insomnia, infertility, menopause syndrome, high blood pressure, and irritable bowel disease (PMID: 33094658, 34713840, 25637159, 37778518, 33381202). Chinese herbal medicine has also recently been globally recognized for its efficacy in treating COVID-19 and other infectious diseases (PMID: 34107860).

As a form of plant medicine, the synergy of traditional Chinese herbal formulas is founded on the concept of holism and uses time-tested combinations of medicinal plants to aid healing and restore balance to the body and mind. By modifying classical formulas according to each person’s individual presentation, Chinese herbal medicine allows for a great degree of specificity in treatment while simultaneously building on thousands of years of carefully tested herbal knowledge and experience. The result is highly effective personalized herbal medicine. 

At Mind + Body Acupuncture, our approach combines the ancient wisdom of Chinese plant medicine with modern research and evidence-based recommendations tailored specifically to you. Plant medicine is an integral part of our practice, and custom-made herbal formulas are often included in patients’ personalized treatment plans. Chinese medicine also recognizes that the plants we consume as food are our first medicine, and therefore we at Mind + Body provide targeted dietary suggestions and therapies, and may recommend additional testing as part of your individualized treatment recommendations.

Our licensed and experienced practitioners are available for in-person treatments at our clinic in Austin, Texas as well as virtual herbal consults from anywhere. All our consults  include comprehensive intake, individualized treatment and health recommendations, and discussion of appropriate herbal medicine(s) for your specific needs. 

Want to learn what Chinese plant medicine can do for you? 

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A Quick Word on Herbal & Plant Medicine Safety:

While plant medicine is derived from natural sources, some plants and herbs contain compounds that can be harmful when taken for extended periods of time or at high doses. Some herbs may interact with other medications, foods, and/or supplements. Never take herbal medicine that was not prescribed to you to treat the specific condition you were prescribed the herbal medicine for. 

Always ensure your herbalist is aware of all medications and supplements you currently take, and look for the letters “L.Ac.” or “licensed acupuncturist” after your practitioner’s name to know that your herbal practitioner is board-certified and licensed to practice Chinese herbal medicine in Texas. 

At Mind + Body Acupuncture, we use only international cGMP certified ingredients which are independently tested and free of contaminants, fillers, and heavy metals. 


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